On the launchpad

If I were a multinational media company you’d be talking about this website by now. Unfortunately, I’m not, which is why you’re probably not even reading this!

I’ve talked about rationalising the publishing blog for years and now I finally have something that works. The whole idea has come out of the principle of subscriptions, mailing lists and email newsletters, a decision that forced me to create a lot of additional content alongside the novels.

The need for content has been a challenge, but the website launches with new short stories, articles on a wide range of subjects touched on in the novels, character interviews and profiles. And there’s still material left over for the urban myth known as Alien Noise Magazine.

One of the challenges has been to gather all this material in reverse order. There was no point sending the ‘call to action’ out before the site was ready. And as I write this post, the final task waiting for me is to put new introductory material into the novels to draw readers to all this free content.

But the work doesn’t end here. People don’t go back to a place if the stuff on offer never changes, so the production of new features will be ongoing, the creation of new images will continue and the TotenUniverse will expand until I keel over or become utterly despondent at the lack of response.

And as if that isn’t enough the newsletter won’t write itself.

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