Art keeps up with life

One of the problems with setting a conspiracy thriller in the present time is that the world has a habit of beating you to it. Want to write a story about the end of the world? You’re too late.

Book 7 of the TotenUniverse, Lords of Misrule, should have been about a malevolence stalking the earth, causing mayhem everywhere, an apocalyptic chaos threatening every government, every business, every organisation, everyone.

But in 2016 we’re pretty much there already. There doesn’t seem to be a square inch of land anywhere that isn’t subject to dispute or conflict. The EU is in disarray thanks to Britain’s decision to leave, an international trade deal is almost derailed by a regional Belgian government, the Middle East continues to spread its extremist poison like an airborne virus, and now America has just voted a buffoon into the Whitehouse.

In Lords of Misrule . . . .actually I can’t tell you what’s behind the malevolence there, but in the real world the situation is equally surreal and yet there doesn’t seem to be a single source for the malaise. Some might say Illuminati, others might blame lizards, yet more will drip the blame onto bankers. But it’s not that simple.

And I’m not too bothered about how complex or otherwise it is, it’s cocked up my plan to write a novel about the deliberate destabilisation of the planet.

Will things improve? No, is my reaction. The current generation of bloodthirsty maniacs in governments and corporations will eventually die, but the generations coming up behind them seem more concerned with photographing their lattes, joining Twitter mobs and growing beards. Generation Pretends-To-Care-But-Doesn’t-Really.

Maybe that’s the story. Do you see it? Can you spot where I might go with this? You’ll have to wait and see.

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