A treasure hunt?

I’ve never been to Lincoln (and I’m talking about Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England). I should go; two principal characters in the TotenUniverse come from here.

A couple of weeks ago I was checking out a website for the Association of Heritage Interpretation and came across a fantastic idea to promote the Lincolnshire grazing marshes. A treasure hunt.

The Riddle of the Marshes took three years to plan and the prize for solving the puzzle was a solid gold bar worth £10 000. The idea immediately caught my attention and solved two (not very pressing) problems: a clue-based promotion that didn’t involve geocaching, and how to fill a gap in one of the issues of Alien Noise Magazine.

The result was The Lincoln Vampire. A short story about a researcher working for Jonathan Knight, author of The Dead Heart Weeps and the possible source of Rob Wallet’s idea for resurrecting Toten Herzen.

Knight is writing unauthorised biographies of Toten Herzen band members and his researcher Syd has drawn blanks until she is introduced to Wallet by a mysterious spiritualist. Wallet scoffs at Knight’s plans and attempts to disrupt Syd’s research by sending her on a hunt for the fabled Lincoln Vampire.

A hunt which will leave the pages and offer readers the chance to follow Syd’s journey, offering a prize at the end of it. What that prize will be I haven’t decided. It won’t be a gold bar worth £10 000, but it’ll be something that rewards anyone who takes part and discovers the burial place of the Lincoln Vampire.

If it exists, of course. We all know what Rob Wallet is like when it comes to reliable information.

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