Even though it’s April 1st this is not a joke blog post. Alien Noise really is giving away something for nothing on April 30th, Walpurgisnacht. Giving away a lot!

For all you people with short attention spans here is a summary:

  • New novel, The Fine Art of Necromancy – free
  • All six available books in the TotenUniverse – permanently free
  • Tons (tonnes if you’re metric) of short stories, articles and interviews – free
  • A spell box – competition prize, free to enter

You’re probably wondering where this sudden philanthropy has come from. A few weeks ago people interested in the novels asked where they could get them. I told them the first novel was free on Amazon Kindle. They checked and it wasn’t. Amazon had reverted the book back to its list price.

click the image for the competition details

That was the point when I started to rethink the way I promoted the novels. It all boiled down to a formula like this:

Develop merchandise, spends hundreds of hours using that expensive merchandise to sell cheap books

The light switch moment arrived: the approach to promotion was upside down. It should have been:

Make the books free, spend hundreds of hours using those free books to promote high value merchandise

Ultimately I want to create and sell a universe, an immersive totality, from novels through to the outfits the characters might wear, music and video.

And it starts now. Throughout April there’ll be new articles in the lead up to Walpurgisnacht, a fitting date to relaunch the TotenUniverse. I will be going mad on Instagram, so apologies for that, but there’ll be constant reminders of the books in the series from the first We Are Toten Herzen, to the latest, The Fine Art of Necromancy.

People who already know about this series keep saying to me ‘if this thing goes viral…’ Help me to make that happen. We’ll all be rewarded.

click the banner to start exploring…



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