There Will Be Blood

I finished the third draft a few months ago. Four or five, I can’t remember. One thing I forced myself to do was leave it, completely leave it alone to give me time to get on with other things, eg clean the car, mow the lawn, build this website.

The fourth draft is the proofread, nothing more than that (not that proofreading is a trivial thing), but the creative process is over and the proofreading will still take several months.

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Art keeps up with life

One of the problems with setting a conspiracy thriller in the present time is that the world has a habit of beating you to it. Want to write a story about the end of the world? You’re too late.

Book 7 of the TotenUniverse, Lords of Misrule, should have been about a malevolence stalking the earth, causing mayhem everywhere, an apocalyptic chaos threatening every government, every business, every organisation, everyone.

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On the launchpad

If I were a multinational media company you’d be talking about this website by now. Unfortunately, I’m not, which is why you’re probably not even reading this!

I’ve talked about rationalising the publishing blog for years and now I finally have something that works. The whole idea has come out of the principle of subscriptions, mailing lists and email newsletters, a decision that forced me to create a lot of additional content alongside the novels.

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