Interpol agent seconded from the Special Operations Division (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale) of the Italian Carabinieri. Maldini took over the Malandanti investigation from French agent Tipo Briess who himself inherited the investigation from Belgian Interpol agent Anders Boorhans.

Maldini was born in Milan and joined the Carabinieri in 2004. In keeping with Carabinieri policy she was stationed away from her home region and based in Turin. She conducted a five year operation which led to the arrest and gaoling of fifteen members of the Turin Camorra.

A devout Catholic, Maldini has always insisted there is no paranormal element to Malandanti activity. In 2014, following the attack on Frieda Schoenhofer in Rotterdam Maldini diverted her investigation to study Susan Bekker and Toten Herzens’ alleged criminal behaviour and Rob Wallet’s involvement in the murders of two Bamberg police detectives in 2013.

Following the 2016 riot in Helsinki during a Toten Herzen concert in which her colleague Pierre Dremba was attacked, Maldini successfully recommended the seizure of equipment and assets belonging to Toten Herzen and Alien Noise Corporation, effectively bringing an end to the Malandanti world tour, and some say the break-up of the band.