Frieda Schoenhofer is the only child of Lothar and Gabby Schoenhofer. Frieda became a self-made millionaire by the time she was twenty-seven, owning a business investment fund based in her home city of Bamberg.

In 2013 Frieda moved up from a fourth degree coven to join a new coven in Bamberg. She often told people she joined for business networking opportunities, but found enjoyment in the supernatural powers she developed.

Frieda was known to Bamberg police and suspected of involvement in the deaths of Theo Wenders and Simon Frenzel, two Interpol insiders who had infiltrated the Malandanti. Their bodies were found hung from the north door of Bamberg Cathedral and impaled on the spire of the Gothic tower. In both cases Frieda is alleged to have had bets with Satanist Jennifer Enzo that the bodies couldn’t be disposed of in the manner described above.

After meeting Susan Bekker in Rotterdam Frieda’s life took a dramatic twist. Aware of her parents’ grief and her father throwing out his film memorabilia collection, Frieda set out on an odyssey around Europe bringing the collection together again. In the process, her father learned the truth about Frieda’s past and future life; a secret kept from her mother.

In Monaco, Frieda teamed up with Rob Wallet, using her witchcraft and money to help him out in exchange for information on Susan Bekker and the Rotterdam attack. Speculation surrounds Frieda’s loyalties; pre-Enzo Malandanti or the new network following the annihilation of the main coven.