Jennifer Enzo is considered to be the most ruthless and unpredictable member of the Malandanti’s team of assassins known as the forty-nine. Born at the family’s Villa D’Enzo on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Enzo was raised at home up to the age of nine when she joined her grandmother in London. Cecilia Enzo was a luminary in London’s Satanist community and a contemporary of Aleister Crowley. Known as Mother Enzo, Cecilia raised Jennifer, teaching her demonology, occultism, hermetic philosophy and introducing her to Satanism.

After being thrown out of the Hampstead School of Art in north London Jennifer Enzo returned to Italy. An already fractious relationship with her family, most noticably her father, Genaro, deteriorated further when the family business was inherited by her younger brother Luca. The family business, Enzo Lumina Industrazione Spa, providing engineering components to the oil industry, was believed to be worth two billion euros. Being the eldest child Enzo expected to receive shares in the business on her eighteenth birthday, but she and her younger sister Alicia, were cut out of her father’s plans.

Colleagues of Enzo believe the family snub drove her mad with anger and was instrumental in her joining up with Ruby Summers and Shalini Mithra who were already working for the Malandanti. But even here, Enzo’s unpredictability, narcicism and lack of empathy with others maintained her status as an ‘odd outsider.’ However, thanks to Mother Enzo’s teachings, Enzo brought a very powerful source of demonic and supernatural ability to the work of the assassins.

To date, Enzo’s whereabouts is unknown.