“So where you comin from?”
“Lincoln, Nebraska?”
“Right. So, is that Missouri?”
“Lincoln, England. Europe. Where your forefathers came from.”

(We Are Toten Herzen)

Elaine Daley is always angered by the assumption that she comes from Lincoln, Nebraska. Unlike Dee Vincent, born just a few metres away in Howley Street, who couldn’t care less.

Lincoln (England) is the county town of Lincolnshire on England’s east coast, wedged between the Humber estuary and the Wash. Lincolnshire’s agricultural character and flat landscapes, particularly the fens bordering Norfolk, give it a similar geographic personality to the Netherlands. And yet the difference between Bekker and van Voors, and Vincent and Daley is so stark Toten Herzen’s first manager Micky Redwall described it as the Anglo-Dutch faultline.

The city of Lincoln is dominated by its 11th Century Norman castle and the Anglican cathedral, built in 1092, destroyed by earthquake in 1185 and rebuilt again, becoming the tallest man-made structure in the world until its central spire fell down in 1549. St. Mary’s Cathedral, to use the alternative name, is the seat of the Bishop of Lincoln. It also contains one of the four original copies of Magna Carta and a stone imp, which, contrary to rumour, was not modelled on Dee Vincent.

Vincent’s mother Deirdrie still lives in Lincoln, but Daley’s family moved out of the city; her brother Neville relocating to an isolated house on the fens, whilst the location of her mother is unknown. The Daleys and the Vincents lived in the south of the city (Downhill), below the Lincoln Cliff, a north south escarpment divided by the River Whitham.

Confusion occured when Rob Wallet told a researcher about the Lincoln Vampire, a piece of local folklore no one in the city had heard of. The researcher, working for Jonathan Knight in the process of writing unofficial biographies of Toten Herzen, later claimed to have discovered the identity of the real Lincoln Vampire. The controversy led to the City of Lincoln Council denying the rumour in an attempt to prevent ghost hunters and other cranks damaging the city’s historic sites.