Virginia Bruck, nee Farrington, is a member of the minor aristocratic Farrington family of Littledale in Lancashire, UK. Having lost the family wealth in the 1950s and ’60s, the Farringtons scattered and Bruck relocated to Germany where she met and married the German artist Hans Bruck.

Bruck is Professor of Advanced Intelligence and Mathematics at Wurzburg University. A post held since 2001. She is also a member of the second level coven in Wurzburg. Her progression through the Malandanti hierarchy was believed to have been thwarted by the head of the Malandanti, Eleanor Mitrescu, who considered Bruck to be a secularist, putting science before faith.

Bruck was introduced to witchcraft by her husband, who was himself a practicing hedge witch. Bruck was also given the task of co-ordinating the Malandanti’s eavesdropping and surveillance. In addition to her research at Wurzburg University, Bruck was also looking for Patrick Cobbold, a leading exponent of artificial intelligence, believed to have developed an advanced system known as Eve: a supercomputer he destroyed after it became dangerously self-aware.