Forty kilometres north west of Bamberg, the Franconian city of Wurzburg sits on the river Main. From the old town, the Altmeinbrucke crosses the river and it’s from here the walker/tourist/citizen can look back at the city’s numerous towers.

In the 17th Century Wurzburg suffered the same witch craze as its neighbour Bamberg. Nearly a thousand people perished in a series of trials lasting five years from 1626 to 1631 under the control of Bishop Phillip Adolf.

Because of its role as a transport hub the city was virtually destroyed by Allied bombing in World War Two; the death toll exceeding the witch trials three hundred years earlier. The city was rebuilt, replicating exactly its medieval character, with the earliest construction work carried out by the Trummerfrauen or rubble women.

Alongside its cathedral and castle, Fortress Marienburg, Wurzburg has one of the oldest universities in Germany, established in 1402. Amongst the various faculties is the Department of Mathematics and Physics where Dr. Gert Hoenenbacker taught Klaus Linzl, a student of quantum physics, friend of Raven and reluctant partner to Frieda Schoenhofer.

And the University’s Institute for Computing Science is the venue of more than just research into artificial intelligence. Here, Professor Virginia Bruck conducted research into supercomputing whilst organising cover for the Malandanti’s eavesdropping service based at Meinfrankenpark on the outskirts of the city.

In Who Among Us… the Wishlist ceremony is hosted by the Wurzburg coven with devastating consequences and suspicion falling on the coven members, including Virginia Bruck.