Standalone novel, post 2021

To be featured in the fourth novel of the TotenSeries Behind the Wall, Quarter Moon is a film adapted from a Dutch epic sci-fi novel in which time doubles back on itself leaving three periods in history to exist simultaneously: the Dark Ages, the Enlightenment and the Far Future.

The embattled widow of a king turns to women of the Far Future for help in confronting her new enemies determined to seize power. A future archivist fascinated by the recorded recollections of Earth’s Last Man tracks down one of his ascendants living in the 1800s. And the sister of a publisher takes advantage of her brother’s travels to continue an illicit love affair with a nephew of the widowed queen.

When the publisher returns with an apocalyptic warning from the archivist, crowds gather at the queen’s castle for what they believe to be is the final battle from the Book of Revelation.

The story reveals how the Enlightenment adopted medieval culture in art and architecture to inspire a new Romantic period; how the Gothic stone masons discovered new scientific techniques; and how a future humanity eradicated conflict by eradicating men.

Quarter Moon and its bizarre context disrupts academic theories when papers by an Enlightenment publisher are found during a university clear out. But if the papers are true the people of the Far Future may be on the brink of controlling time to take their future eradication programme back to the distant past.