TotenUniverse – Book 5
TotenSeries – Book 3


Alien Noise Corporation (2017)

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The third book of the Totenseries and the band are ready for the Malandanti world tour. Bothered by rioting fans Susan has the additional complications of an Interpol investigation and a rival guitarist from rival band There Will Be Blood. But her biggest problem may be closer to home when Rene’s behaviour becomes increasingly secretive.

“Because the only bird I know with blue hair or blue feathers is a peacock, and I’d sound a bit stupid calling meself Peacock, wouldn’t I?  . . . Rob told me about blue tits, but that’s even worse.”

She never spent time with Purple Bobbie where the others might see her. She would meet him at his house for one hour per night and lie back on his bamboo floor mats while he paced around her chanting haroonah until she was fit for sleep. He was a lunatic who drank his own piss every morning, but his kharmic buffoonery seemed to work, so she persevered with it.


twbb-02-rene-and-ria-promoAfter being sidetracked by Frieda Schoenhofer I came back to Toten Herzen and immediately felt comfort in writing about old friends. Old friends? What the fuck, these are my children! But the comfort wasn’t going to produce a comforting tale. There Will Be Blood is as catastrophic as the first novel and pulls Toten Herzen well and truly into the Malandanti conspiracy.

twbb-07-ria-liveFollowing the rough edged mayhem of Who Among Us… my intention with this novel was to return to dark comedy and There Will Be Blood presented endless opportunities: Rob Wallet’s sacking and decamping to Monaco with a bunch of ghost hunters; Raven turning informer; the band rumbling from one disastrous tour date to another, whilst their rivals There Will Be Blood play catch up. All of it fuelled by a mischievous Gwando Awards challenge.

I spent so long rewriting There Will Be Blood I almost gave up on it through fatigue, but the rewards became obvious. I’ll say it myself, but every chapter of this novel is epic, making it a fitting half way point in the TotenUniverse.


From here it’s downhill all the way.