Dee Vincent is lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist with rock band Toten Herzen. She is known for playing a Gibson Explorer and is believed to be the owner of one of several rare Kontona Explorers made in 1957. Her early musical influences include punk rock, but Vincent is noted for having eclectic musical tastes and often quotes Kate Bush and Burt Bacharach amongst her favourite musicians.

Vincent was born and raised in Lincoln England a few streets away from Toten Herzen colleague Elaine Daley. An only child, Vincent developed a reputation from an early age for being demanding, outspoken and a trouble maker.


Cat’s Cradle, a band formed by Daley (bass), Grant Downey (lead guitar) and Alan ‘Almer’ Miller (drums) was originally a covers band, noted for long-winded instrumental interludes when they ran out of material. Vincent was eventually asked to join the band on vocals and they began to record their own material. In spite of being regarded as a ‘motormouth,’ Vincent has said very little to the media about Cat’s Cradle, describing them on the band’s website as crap.

When Susan Bekker suggested the four members of Toten Herzen should become vampires Vincent was the first to be turned. A natural risk taker she described the experience in Melody Maker magazine as ‘liberating.’ In the 1970s Vincent attracted a reputation for aggression in media interviews (she allegedly attacked the reporter from Melody Maker), which resulted in Micky Redwall hiring a publicist, Izzy Starling, to take on the bulk of the band’s promotional activities.

In spite of being an admirer of Susan Bekker’s guitar playing, Vincent has a fractious relationship with her colleague, seeing her as a control freak and manipulative. Redwall often described the band’s internal animosity as an ‘Anglo-Dutch faultline,’ generated by Vincent and Bekkers’ mutual suspicion.

This conflict came to a head during the recording of the band’s 2014 album Malandanti. Vincent, an enthusiastic bibliophile with a large collection of rare books and manuscripts, came under pressure to sell a valuable book to a business woman in Bamberg. The woman, Lena Siebert-Neved, was the wife of Bekker’s voice coach, Dmitri Neved.

In 2014, Vincent appeared in an interview with Hullaballoo magazine and slandered US recording artist Rose Pursey. Pursey sued Vincent, the band and Alien Noise Corporation, and was awarded $120 million dollars damages by a court in Los Angeles.