Bass guitarist with Toten Herzen and original member of English band Cat’s Cradle, formed by Daley, Grant Downham on guitar and Alan ‘Almer’ Miller on drums. Dee Vincent joined when the instrumental trio decided they needed a singer. Daley, like Bekker and Vincent, plays Gibson guitars, notably a bass Thunderbird.

Daley is considered to be the most distant, elusive, uncooperative and violent member of the band. With her brother Neville, she was exposed to family tragedy at the age of fourteen when her father Neil was murdered in an unprovoked attack. Suspicion surrounded the killing, especially when Adrian Beal was convicted of the murder but eventually ended up as a wealthy property developer in Spain. Daley’s mother is still alive, but her whereabouts are unknown.


With an alchemical symbol tattooed on her left temple, Daley attracts suspicion from conspiracy theorists, but she has no known connections to occult groups. She is aware of the Lost Valley having visited on several occasions with Vincent, a fact originally concealed from Bekker and van Voors.

During the recording of the Malandanti album Daley began a sexual relationship with Rob Wallet, helping him to find his own lost valley at Maroon Lake in Colorado. They eventually split up because of Wallet’s continuing obsession with Susan Bekker. The split also led to Wallet being sacked as publicist for the band.

Further suspicion and bafflement surrounded her relationship with Wallet – Wallet included – but in There Will Be Blood she revealed his influence on her own search for a childhood she never had because of the murder of Neil Daley. Wallet discovered the details during a search of news archives at a library in Lincoln.