Drummer with Toten Herzen, formerly with After Sunset, the band he formed with Susan Bekker, Marco Jongbloed and Wim Segers. Van Voors quotes Ginger Baker and Yes drummer Alan White as early influences on his career.

The only male member of Toten Herzen, van Voors is considered to be the joker of the band and creator of tricks that take advantage of vampiric powers. (stonebag, for example, is a super-heavy bag full of weights and carried with apparent ease by a vampire, but when handed to a human bystander risks dislocating their shoulders or wrists.)

During the recording of the Malandanti album in the English Lake District, van Voors created a local stir when fellwalkers began to encounter talking sheep, unaware van Voors was invisible and throwing his voice.

His relationship with Susan Bekker is either close or subservient depending on whether Elaine Daley or Dee Vincent is asked. Van Voors has never warmed to Rob Wallet or Tom Scavinio, the only other men associated with Toten Herzen. His performance under questioning by Interpol’s Bernadette Maldini suggested he was one of a limited number of people ever to outwit her.

Under pressure from Bekker’s increasingly paranoid behaviour, van Voors struck up a brief friendship with Raven, criticising other members of the band for ignoring her. They travelled to find the ‘transition point,’ the contour line around the Lost Valley near Garmisch where humans and vampires separate between dimensions. During the search van Voors discovered the ruins of a watchtower and vowed to restore it.

In There Will Be Blood, van Voors began a secret relationship with the rival band’s guitarist Ria Geanescu. They hatched a publicity stunt which led to both of them disappearing, halting Toten Herzen’s world tour and stunting the ambitions of There Will Be Blood.

Van Voors also revealed to Geanescu that he had two sisters, but probably wouldn’t recognise them if they met.