Bekker is the lead guitarist with rock band Toten Herzen and is noted for playing a Gibson Flying V guitar. She was influenced by her mother’s interest in rock music, and quotes her influences to be Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple. In We Are Toten Herzen, she tells Rob Wallet how she twisted an ankle as a child and discovered her mother’s record collection during the resulting day off school.

She attended the same school in Rotterdam as future band member Rene van Voors. Still at school, the two of them formed a band named After Sunset, along with Wim Segers on guitars and Marco Jongbloed on bass.


After Sunset toured the Netherlands with no success. Her father Arie, an international truck driver, would bring records back from Britain and this encouraged the band to take a financial risk and tour England. In Ipswich, with their money running out, the band met local business man and music promoter Micky Redwall who suggested Bekker and van Voors should leave After Sunset to form a new band with Dee Vincent and Elaine Daley of English band Cat’s Cradle.

Bekker and van Voors agreed to the suggestion. Over the next few years, Bekker’s relationship with Redwall became increasingly strained especially after Bekker’s illness in 1974. Following her recovery, Bekker’s skill as a guitarist, songwriting speed and accelerated workrate, put pressure on manager and bandmates alike. (We Are Toten Herzen, the band’s first album after Bekker’s illness took eight weeks to complete from songwriting to post-production.)

According to her diary, read by Rob Wallet in 2013, Bekker’s illness was initially thought to be rabies following a dog bite in Cologne on Valentine’s Day 1974. She was left with a debilitating aversion to sunlight and ‘anger management issues.’ Within several weeks, Bekker’s reflection had gone and she concluded her attacker in Cologne was not a dog, but a vampire.

The identity of Bekker’s attacker has never been established. She persuaded the rest of the band to become vampires and turned them in 1974 before entering the studio to record We Are Toten Herzen. When the band survived an attempted murder by Lenny Harper in 1977 Bekker orchestrated the killing of Micky Redwall, making it look like he was the victim of the guard dogs of his scrap metal business in Ipswich. Van Voors told Rob Wallet in We Are Toten Herzen that Bekker killed Redwall because he was ripping off the band and withholding earnings from publishing rights and royalties.

Little is known of Bekker’s life between 1977 and Rob Wallet’s discovery of the band in 2013. At some point in the 1980s Bekker’s mother died, the cause unknown. Her father is still alive and lives in a care home in Rotterdam. He refuses to speak to anyone about his daughter. Just prior to the band’s comeback Bekker is alleged, by Rob Wallet, to have killed Lenny Harper (accused of the attempted murder of the band in 1977) who had been kept a virtual prisoner by the band in the German village of Obergrau.

Bekker agreed to allow a fan of the band, Barbara ‘Raven’ Turkington, to become a personal assistant after running away from her parents’ home in Nottingham. Bekker currently lives in Rotterdam with her partner Marco Jongbloed.