A native of New York, Scavinio started out as the owner of a guitar shop and without knowing at the time, met a ‘young’ Susan Bekker when she wandered in during a visit to North America.

He joined Sony Records as a band manager, working his way through the company until becoming a jaded pen pusher. When Toten Herzen held discussions in 2012 with Todd Moonaj at Sony’s New York headquarters Scavinio jumped at the chance to become the band’s manager for their comeback concerts (and after leaving Sony, learned that Bekker wanted him, not a recording contract).

At the time of meeting the band, Scavinio’s wife Sheila was suffering from terminal cancer. The condition was reversed when Susan Bekker ‘turned her,’ but the event was only the start of a long list of problems as Toten Herzen’s notoriety began to eclipse that of the 1970s. Scavinio walked out following the band’s cancelled comeback concert in Rotterdam, but rejoined them prior to the Malandanti world tour.