A brief introduction to a complex system

In 1977, the four members of rock band Toten Herzen were murdered in North London. Thirty-five years later, music journalist Rob Wallet found them alive in southern Germany.

He persuaded them to make a comeback.

Susan Bekker, founder member, lead guitarist, vampire queen!

The TotenUniverse is the story of that comeback. It includes nine novels, a collection of short stories and features with character interviews, location articles and more.

At the centre of the journey is the band Toten Herzen and their hapless guide, British music journalist Rob Wallet, author of Clowns Don’t Cry: Glam Rock in the 1970s. In need of cash and a purpose in life he tries to orchestrate the band’s return to the 21st Century music business, but faced with in-fighting, agendas and the growing threat from a mysterious hidden network, he must also explain why none of the band members have grown any older since they were last seen in 1977.

Hoax or reality, the TotenUniverse is an urban paranormal saga of vampirism, witchcraft, occult knowledge and quantum mechanics. Humour and horror drive a story of longing and ambition, carrying the characters from the mundane surroundings of Rotterdam and Lincolnshire to the witch trials hotspot of Bamberg, and ultimately other realms beyond the mortal one.

Bamberg, Centre of occult activity

Ten years in the making, the nine novels of the TotenUniverse will be complete by 2022, but for now you can read the first seven and look forward to the eighth being published on Walpurgisnacht 2021. Fill in the gaps between the novels by reading the associated short stories, learn more about the characters in the interviews and travel to locations that host riotous concerts, Satanic rituals and scientific research that bridges the divide between two worlds.

The novels are HERE. Enjoy your visit.