The Dark Ages, the Enlightenment and the Far Future in fractious co-existence.

In the Toten Herzen novels Jens Gol is commissioned to direct a film. Based on a Dutch novel the producers are hoping it will put the Netherlands film industry on the map! Part funded by Frieda Schoenhofer, the film also has Susan Bekker writing the soundtrack, helped by Dmitri Neved.

The reason all this is happening in the TotenSeries is because I was too impatient to wait until the series was complete before starting on Quarter Moon as a brand new writing project. The idea has been a persistant presence in my thoughts, but the day is coming closer when I’ll have to start on it.

The premise is simple: an anomaly in the ribbon of time has brought the Dark Ages, the Enlightenment and the Far Future together, co-existing in the same dimension. These Quarter Moon events come and go without warning and after two events the novel deals with the third and the women of the Far Future looking for a solution to stop the anomalies from continuing.

The reason for these three historical periods was part opportunism and part mischief. The Enlightenment progressed into the Romantic period and a Gothic revival. Coincidence? And there were great engineering developments and increases in trade during the Dark Ages. What caused that?

In addition the story also offers opportunities to explore differences in beliefs, superstition and the speculation that the future is exclusively female. The imagery is rich and varied, characterisations endless.

A day’s walking in the English Lake District helped me to develop a three part structure that concentrates on superstituous ignorance, the ethics of revolution and state secrets.

You can get a taster of the novel in the short story The Commissioning of Gol, and the novels The Fine Art of Necromancy and Lords of Misrule. Work on Quarter Moon will start in 2021/22.