Imagine finding yourself at the threshold of a new reality, a world where anything is possible, but only if you’re prepared to cross over to the other side.

Barbara ‘Raven’ Turkington first appears as a twenty-one year old fan of Toten Herzen, travelling across Europe in the hope of meeting them in Rotterdam at their comeback concert at the Ahoy Arena. Her intention was to ask Susan Bekker to turn her into a vampire.

An only child, Raven is the daughter of Leonard and Brenda Turkington, two Leninist-Trotskyists from Nottingham. She attended Big Wood School in the Warren Hill district of Nottingham, leaving school with GCSEs in Religious Education, Social Media and Woodwork. She spent four weeks at New College Nottingham studying Media and Sociology, but left to work in Homebase where she lasted eight days.

Known for her vibrant blue hair, Raven became a fan of Toten Herzen after hearing about their plans for a comeback. Thinking vampirism might be a way to escape her humdrum life in Nottingham she made contact with Susan Bekker via Twitter and eventually met her backstage at the Ahoy.

She is immune to travelling with vampires; an inexplicable condition which causes her to vomit on arrival. The Bamberg witch Lena Siebert-Neved created a potion that allowed Raven to travel without any resulting stomach upsets.

Left behind during Toten Herzen’s Malandanti world tour, Raven was picked up by Interpol agent Bernadette Maldini and forced to give evidence against Susan Bekker. Raven and Maldini were later caught up in the ‘Second Helsinki Event’ when Toten fans rioted during a concert at the Olympic Stadium.


“Can I ask you a stupid question?” Raven leaned a knowing shoulder towards Bella who licked away a frothy moustache after every swig of Guinness. “If you’re a witch, right, can you not stop your track rod ends failing the MoT?”

(Toten Herzen Malandanti)