In 1977 the four members of rock band Toten Herzen were murdered by a crazed fan. Thirty-five years later they made a comeback. None of them had grown any older.

Real or hoax?

The TotenUniverse is the story of that remarkable, and some would say unbelievable comeback. Begin the journey now into a world of occult networks, vampirism, Satanism, witchcraft and quantum science.

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What readers say

…a vampire universe that surpasses Anne Rice (JD Denness)

Chris Harrison has created a chillingly believable saga (Hilary Mortz)

The setting of Germanic neo-gothic, with metal rock group Toten Herzen and witchcraft covens in the background hooked me early on and I felt that the story was too pulsating and solid to be fiction (Mary Papastavrou)