In 1977, the four members of rock band Toten Herzen were murdered. Thirty-five years later they made a comeback.

Is this real or the greatest hoax of the 21st Century?

Enter the TotenUniverse and discover the truth. Your journey starts with We Are Toten Herzen, the first novel in a series of nine.

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Welcome to the TotenUniverse, the only place where you’ll read the extraordinary tale of a dead rock band’s comeback and the mayhem unleashed.

At the centre of it all, Rob Wallet, a British music journalist desperate for cash and a better life, who sets out to solve the disappearance of Toten Herzen, the notorious rock band murdered in 1977 by one of their own fans. What he discovers propels him into an unexpected world of hermetic knowledge and occult practices, and a pantheon of characters with their own ambitions and agendas.

  • a missing fifth band member
  • a network of covens dating back to the Bamberg witch trials
  • a development in quantum mechanics that places humanity at the doorstep of another realm; a realm containing hell and the source of all paranormal phenomena

Or so it seems….

Not everyone believes Wallet’s account. Read the novels, fill in the gaps with the short stories, meet the characters and visit the locations to decide for yourself whether the TotenUniverse is all around us or one man’s bizarre creation.

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What readers say

…a vampire universe that surpasses Anne Rice (JD Denness)

Chris Harrison has created a chillingly believable saga (Hilary Mortz)

The setting of Germanic neo-gothic, with metal rock group Toten Herzen and witchcraft covens in the background hooked me early on and I felt that the story was too pulsating and solid to be fiction (Mary Papastavrou)

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The Author

I worry about perception and appearances. I often buy stuff because of the packaging design. I judge books by their covers. It took me ages to choose an author photograph because I don’t get my hair cut very often and it usually looks a mess.

But you don’t want to know any of that, do you? You’re interested in where I live; is it a farmhouse or some remote croft, am I surrounded by cats or own a dog with a glass eye. What’s my USP, what sets me apart from other authors?

Have you ever noticed how authors always have some interesting life background? They were brought up in Namibia or their mother was the Earl of Chichester or they lost all their fingers at the age of twelve after being attacked by a caiman on their Peruvian plantation. Agents and publishers look for this kind of thing, a hook for the marketing department.

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