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In 1977 four members of the rock band Toten Herzen are murdered by a crazed fan. Thirty-five years later they're discovered alive by a British music journalist.

The return of Toten Herzen has not only revived careers, but settled old scores and unwittingly unleashed a long-hidden conspiracy dating back to the witch trials of the middle ages.

Amid rumours of vampires, black magic, Satanism, quantum physics and weird science, this is the story of one man's ambition to create a better life and one woman's attempt to make up for past mistakes.

Lives determined by the TotenUniverse.

Explaining the TotenUniverse?

The TotenUniverse is the sum of its parts. A ten year nine novel journey through the rediscovery of a dead rock band, the reappearance of a four hundred year old network and the rehabilitation of a cold-hearted killer.


3rd-block-cover-wath3rd-block-cover-teosThe journey begins with We Are Toten Herzen and you can download the ebook free from this website (here) and other online ebook retailers.

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‘a vampire universe that surpasses Anne Rice’

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‘a marvellously rich cast of characters with enough hidden depths and secrets to keep his audience captivated for years and books to come’
(Toten Herzen Malandanti)

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“Hear the call, the distant call, that says we’re on our way.”
(Who Among Us…)

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‘heroine Frieda is a feast for the imagination’
(The One Rule of Magic)

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